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President elect Donald Trump continued to bash on the Affordable Care Act up warning that Floridians are on the hook for large premium increases next year.

“It is just been declared the residents of Florida will experience a huge, double digit premium increase,” he said at a Nov. 3 campaign rally in Jacksonville.


In this case, the talking point of Trump is missing lots of circumstance.

Trump is talking about a little part of those who get health insurance in Florida, and he fails that most of the strategies with increases will get subsidies to offset the price.


That’s for any individual strategy that satisfies the ACA’s minimal coverage requirements, whether it is sold on the national exchange’s or not.

The business is depended on by the premium changes: Humana’s premiums are going up at the maximum speed, 36.8 percent.

The national average for premium increases is about 25 percent, based on the U.S. Health and Human Services Department.

One thing Trump did not mention is that customers who purchase strategies off the exchange will not always be paying the total cost of those increases.


About 1.53 million Floridians purchased their coverage off the national exchange in 2016. The typical premium tax credit in Florida was $305.

About 1 percent of customers who purchase an idea off the exchange are not eligible for any subsidies and bring in an excessive amount of income. They’ll have to pay the total increase.

Additionally, individuals have the substitute for select a different, more economical strategy.

Amid double digit increases a year ago, typical premiums after subsidies went from $82 to $84, the bureau said.

Trump is talking just about individuals who purchase insurance on the exchanges. Those who get insurance would not always find the same increase. Little group strategies, as an example, will find a typical premium increase of 9.5 percent, for example.

For 2017, every Florida county has at least one Obamacare option on the exchange. This past year, UnitedHealthcare and Florida Blue were the only two insurance companies to offer coverages in all 67 counties. UnitedHealthcare declared earlier this year it’d leave dozens of other states and the exchange in Florida.

These are significant points Trump did not mention, so we rate his statement Half Authentic.


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