European health insurance

health insurance

The total amount of insurance premiums in Europe rose by 2% to 1.21 bln. euros, compared with 4% growth in 2016 (1.16 trillion. euros), but it is 32% of the global insurance market in the world. In health insurance, European insurers in 2016, received 733 million euros (+ 1.5%), health insurance 127 million euros (+ 3.5%) in risk insurance 347 million euros (+ 2.4%) .

Despite the unfavorable economic situation in the world, European insurers have paid 975 billion euros (+ 1.6%) or 2.7 billion euros per day.

3600 insurance companies are running the European insurance market, and 985 thousand are involved in health insurance field.

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Do not Be Frightened of Public Insurance Option

Among the huge arguments in healthcare is whether to develop a public insurance option for health insurance. Most observers of Obamacare concur the huge issue is private insurance companies pulling out of healthcare exchanges. That leaves just a couple of insurance companies which increases prices and kills competition in insurance markets to smaller states. Although there are lots of intermediate fixesavailable, some are proposing bringing a thought that didn’t make it into Obamacare — a public choice, with authorities selling insurance to anybody who would like to purchase it back.

Coverage would raise and create greater insurance rivalry.

President Barack Obama and presidential nominee Hillary Clinton have come out in favor of a public insurance option as long as Republicans control Congress the likelihood of its own adoption are distant.

The reason is that Medicare is not incapable of supplying the exact same quality of care at a lower cost than any private insurance company to the majority of customers.

Section of this is due to the fact that Medicare can be only subsidized by the authorities if it needs — no private company can compete using a government service that does not need to make a profit on cost. But with no subsidies, Medicare can likely undercut private services through many different natural edges. It can use its influence as an extremely large purchaser to negotiate lower costs with suppliers. It doesn’t need to spend money on advertising and has additionally lower administrative costs.

With this specific type of price advantage, a public insurance option will most likely drive the Obamacare exchanges and all private insurance companies apart. So if government-supplied health care remains there and goes on the exchanges, it’s not unlikely that it’ll be the sole choice. After that, it will be simply an issue of time until private health care was displaced by the public choice in the state, except for premium services offering high end or specialized care the authorities would find too expensive to insure.

Will that be awful or great? The discussion of whether private or nationalized health care is not worse is complicated, long and filled. But if a national health service could supply same-quality care at a lesser cost — as many other states’ national health services also appear to do, and as Medicare appears to do that ’s a plus.

Another possible plus is always to motivate individuals to work more. Now, many businesses purchase health insurance.

The largest drawback is the chance that with private insurance companies removed from the marketplace by Medicare-for-all, authorities prices might creep up quicker than they have in the past couple of years. Section of the main reason for Medicare’s price edge may have come from political pressure to keep costs significantly lower than the private sector. With the private sector reduced to a high end add on marketplace, that pressure might go away, and unresponsiveness or administrative bloat to shifting technology might send authorities health costs soaring.

Yet, that doesn’t seem to have become the situation with other developed nations. And it’s significant to keep in mind that nationalization of basic insurance differs from total nationalization of the health care sector — well-off customers would continue to have the capacity to buy insurance for the matters authorities won’t insure, or pay out of pocket for higher or quicker -quality service. So perhaps a choice that is public, leading to Medicare-for-all, isn’t such a frightening or tremendous measure after all.

Best Health Insurance in Florida

President elect Donald Trump continued to bash on the Affordable Care Act up warning that Floridians are on the hook for large premium increases next year.

“It is just been declared the residents of Florida will experience a huge, double digit premium increase,” he said at a Nov. 3 campaign rally in Jacksonville.


In this case, the talking point of Trump is missing lots of circumstance.

Trump is talking about a little part of those who get health insurance in Florida, and he fails that most of the strategies with increases will get subsidies to offset the price.


That’s for any individual strategy that satisfies the ACA’s minimal coverage requirements, whether it is sold on the national exchange’s or not.

The business is depended on by the premium changes: Humana’s premiums are going up at the maximum speed, 36.8 percent.

The national average for premium increases is about 25 percent, based on the U.S. Health and Human Services Department.

One thing Trump did not mention is that customers who purchase strategies off the exchange will not always be paying the total cost of those increases.


About 1.53 million Floridians purchased their coverage off the national exchange in 2016. The typical premium tax credit in Florida was $305.

About 1 percent of customers who purchase an idea off the exchange are not eligible for any subsidies and bring in an excessive amount of income. They’ll have to pay the total increase.

Additionally, individuals have the substitute for select a different, more economical strategy.

Amid double digit increases a year ago, typical premiums after subsidies went from $82 to $84, the bureau said.

Trump is talking just about individuals who purchase insurance on the exchanges. Those who get insurance would not always find the same increase. Little group strategies, as an example, will find a typical premium increase of 9.5 percent, for example.

For 2017, every Florida county has at least one Obamacare option on the exchange. This past year, UnitedHealthcare and Florida Blue were the only two insurance companies to offer coverages in all 67 counties. UnitedHealthcare declared earlier this year it’d leave dozens of other states and the exchange in Florida.

These are significant points Trump did not mention, so we rate his statement Half Authentic.


Top Health Insurances

Not having health insurance in these days and age is asking to go bankrupt when you contract something that costs you thousands of dollars in medical bills. Of course, you’re not supposed to grab any health insurance being offered. There are a number of critical points that everyone must consider before choosing a health insurer.

The two major signs of top health insurances are wide plan selections and competitive premium rates. A health insurer offering plan selections that cover most, if not all, of your medical care needs with low premium should be on your short list.

That said, there’s one thing that you should also consider – negotiated rates.

Negotiated rate is incredibly advantageous in lowering your medical bills. In-network health providers can charge whatever they want to your insurer, leaving you to pay only part of the total cost.

If you’re window-shopping for a health insurance provider right now, we recommend you look into the top 5 in the country: BlueCross BlueShield, Humana, Kaiser Permanente, Aetna, and United Healthcare. Be sure to ask about their policy of negotiated rates and how many in-network providers and doctors do they have. The more in-network practices in your local area, the better it will be for you when emergency strikes.

One final note; Your preference of healthcare is your personal choice. What your friends think are best for them may not be necessarily so for you. Choose wisely among the top health insurances that fit your personal needs best.

Health Insurance Benefits In The USA

Today, with conditions of health issues and rise in the price of health care sector, going for a health insurance policy is the best decision you can make towards your happy and healthy life. In countries like the USA, health insurance has become compulsory for every citizen. Otherwise, they have to pay a tax penalty. You can understand the importance of Health Insurance from this rule in the USA.

Health insurance is an insurance against the medical cost incurred by the insured person. The money incurred is paid directly or reimbursed by the insurer. Low premium is offered in health insurance policy for young people, and the premium depends on upon your current medical condition and hospital services you choose. It is very much essential for both health and wealth.

Below are amazing the benefits of buying a health insurance policy in the USA:

  • Peace of MindAccording to the WHO report, the major reasons for death in the USA are heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, and stroke. Due to the rising health issue in all age groups, people are always worried about the bad conditions through which they have to go, or their loved one have to go, if found with any need of hospitalization and medication. Health Insurance policy allows you to be free from the worry of a doctor, payment and good facilities at the hospital.
  • Cashless TreatmentThe arrangement of the huge amount of cash at the time of emergency becomes a headache for people, and this can be efficiently done if you have a health insurance policy. Health Insurance policy allows you to go for cashless treatment in a network hospital, which is a great relief for people struck with an emergency condition and also for people who can’t afford costly medical treatment.
  • Pre and Post Hospitalization cost
    Emergency situations are not the only cases in which Health insurance policy helps you. It covers your pre and posts hospitalization cost. Pre-hospitalization cost includes the charges related to checkups like a blood test, X-ray which is done before hospitalization and Post hospitalization cost includes expenses incurred after hospitalization. In both the cases, the insurer can claim for both types of the cost incurred at the hospital. Some days in pre and post hospitalization cost is different for different companies.

Even if you are young or healthy, health insurance is a compulsion for all those individuals who want to live a healthy and secure life without incurring huge amount in medical expenses. Think about your health expense in future, medical condition, health requirements and then choose the best health insurance policy so that you get the maximum benefit out of it