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Customer support is the backbone of your online success. When selecting an enterprise e-commerce platform, experts will advise you on paying attention to features. They will tell you to go for the customizable platform. Also, you need to consider the security and marketing features offered on the solution to enable you to boost your online sales. Despite these aspects being essential, customer support is the overall feature. The rate of response of your provider during a crisis matters.

For example, if you have an attractive e-commerce website and offer the best products, you can’t boost sales when your website goes down for a week or so. In addition, this will result in large losses. In particular, as a business-level e-commerce entrepreneur, you should pay attention to this aspect. Otherwise, growth will remain a mirage. At this level, you have two main enterprise e-commerce solutions in Australia: BigCommerce enterprise and Shopify plus. When considering the two platforms, Shopify Plus takes the lead. Here are three reasons why you should consider it:

Offers online chat support

Imagine you bought a new electronic. It is posing a thousand challenges trying to use it. Also, understanding the manual is a disaster. This situation can be an uphill and difficult situation. However, when you have a standby helper to take you through the operational process, you can have a reason to smile. This case applies to online selling. As you might be aware, selling online is not an easy task. At times, you will face difficulties and challenges trying to make your ends meet. Also, technical issues are not a new thing in the virtual arena. Shopify plus understands this reality. In response, it provides you with an opportunity to get an instant solution through a live chat. You have an immediate response from the customer support team through interacting on a live chat allowing you to solve your challenge immediately.

You have an opportunity to engage with them through social platforms

You have an opportunity to engage with them through social platforms

Are you a lover of social media? Certainly, you want to have a chance to solve your problems through the way you are familiar. For instance, you would feel at peace to communicate with the support team through a social chat than writing an email. With this reality, you have an option for solving your problem effectively and through your excellent means. Shopify plus is a leader in taking your business to the social arena. Apart from enabling you to sell your products through social platforms, it helps you get customer support through the same channels. When you face a technical issue, you do not need to worry. You have a one-on-one opportunity to chat with their social media crew and get a solution.


Available phone-based customer support

For some people, the best way to get help is making a call. Unlike emails, online and social media chats, you get an immediate answer to your calls. Hence, you are sure of a real-time solution to your issue. If you are of this category, Shopify plus is the best option. This enterprise e-commerce platform has an active and reliable tele-support team. You will always get an answer to your inquiries. Whether you call at midnight or wee hours, Shopify understands your needs and will offer you immediate support.

Available phone-based customer support

Globalized customer support teams

When selling online, you target the global audience. Shopify plus realizes this ideal. Hence, it enables you to reach out to your customers and solve your problems at your next door. Unlike BigCommerce which has its support base in Australia and USA, Shopify focuses on the international aspect. It provides you with international support bases. Hence, regardless of your location, you have a support center to reach out.