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Are enduring this in your enterprise business? You moved your business to the virtual arena. Due to a burning desire to sell online, you never paid much attention to the e-commerce platform selection. You followed the marketing hypes from developers. After a period, you are now reaping the fruits. Your site can no longer handle current traffic. Web crashes during peak times are common.

Now, you are in the mission of finding a new platform. You are careful not to repeat past mistakes. If this is you, Shopify and BigCommerce enterprise are the best choices for guaranteeing you unlimited growth. They support your large business or company. However, you cannot go with both options. If you are searching for an enterprise e-commerce platform, you should consider Shopify plus over BigCommerce enterprise. Here are 2 undeniable reasons for taking this direction:

Opportunity to sell on different channels

As a webpreneur, you desire to reach out too many customers. You want every person to have a chance to buy your products. However, customers have different likes and preferences. The desire for choices is not only on the product provided but also on the means of purchasing it. Customers are seeking providers who sell them products through their preferred channels.

As such, selling through your online storefront is no longer profitable. Shopify plus understands this reality. The platform enables you to sell on more than 100 online channels and marketplaces. Regardless of whether your customers want to buy through a messenger, Facebook page, Amazon, or their gaming apps, you can sell to them. This aspect is not available in BigCommerce.

Superb loading speed

Selling online is a matter of your site speed. Regardless of what you are selling or at whichever price, a customer will not speed an hour on your site waiting it to load. As a webpreneur, you desire to have an online store with a higher loading speed than your competitors one. Shopify plus is a good option. Compared with BigCommerce, Shopify plus loads at a speed of 45milliseconds while the later takes 175milliseconds. In this essence, you have an opportunity for making more sales when you build your store on Shopify plus.

Final thoughts

As you can see, Shopify plus is a good idea for you when focusing on selling through different channels. Also, if speed is your priority, it is a reliable option. Hence, you should consider it as your enterprise e-commerce platform.