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Enterprise business is a demanding venture. When moving it online, you need to be conscious to avoid making losses. The first thing to consider is a reliable enterprise e-commerce platform. You need a platform that will support your objectives. Also, this platform needs to help you deliver the best services to your customers. When searching for one, Shopify plus and BigCommerce enterprise will come to your mind.

Or else, your business consultant will recommend them to you. However, you will face obstacles in making a decision. In your research about them, you will come across the different continent. Each of them will be criticizing one and supporting the other. For you to decide wisely, you need a neutral opinion or idea about the two enterprise platforms. Here are three super things you need to know about BigCommerce enterprise and Shopify plus as a budding online investor:

Both are SaaS platforms

Understanding the nature of the type of a platform is crucial. This knowledge helps you to wake a wise decision. Also, when you have information about the platform, you can determine whether it is in line with your business and customers’ needs. Both BigCommerce enterprise and Shopify plus are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms. Also, they are cloud-based. With this, you do not have to struggle withto manage your business. You can access it through a mobile device or a PC. Also, being hosted enterprise platforms, you do not need to search for a developer to build your online store. Apart from this. You save on the software updating and website maintenance costs.

They havea wide range of features

Features are the measures of a reliable e-commerce platform. The more the features, the better the platform. The features and tools in an enterprise platform define your boundaries. For instance, it can be a dream to sell on Facebook if your platform has no features to support it. Both Shopify plus and BigCommerce enterprise are aware of this aspect. These platforms come with an array of reliable features to enable you to manage your online venture effectively. For instance, both platforms prioritize scalability, unlimited bandwidth, and ensuring you have maximum uptime.

Have responsive designs

As you know, customers use different devices to access your online store. These devices have different screen sizes. For you to drive sales, your e-commerce website must be responsive to this screen sizes and devices. Shopify plus and BigCommerce understands this concept. Thus, they provide you with responsive designs and templates.